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  • Michael Wall

    Michael Wall

    I strategize for, produce, edit, and classify content/copy—in-house and also provide conversion and UX copy as an independent strategic partner. Proud dad, too!

  • Takhellambam Bonish

    Takhellambam Bonish

  • Human Improved

    Human Improved

    Writing about finances, self-improvement and life tricks. | Stock Market and Crypto Analyst

  • Jody Williams

    Jody Williams

    Freelance content and case study writer. Probably reading when I should be working. www.jody-williams.com

  • Avinash Harsh

    Avinash Harsh

    Co-founder & CEO - Weavr AI | Previously Co-founder & CEO - Halosys (Acquired) | Wannabe cartoonist | Passionate about building communities

  • Susie Johnson

    Susie Johnson

    I’m a writer who is utterly fascinated by the power of human potential. Find a lot more original articles at my blog: https://discoverimprove.com/

  • Lynne Valois

    Lynne Valois

  • Aastha


    Programmer | Computer Science Undergrad at IIIT Delhi

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